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[texts]Microsoft Surface Tablets - Microsoft
Microsoft Surface Tablets Websites
Keywords: Microsoft Tech Tablet Computers Windows ARM NVDIA Tegra 3 Tegra 4 Intel Core I7 VapourMG
Downloads: 2
[audio]latinoparade - Microsoft
Keywords: beat; aztec
Downloads: 6
[image]Microsoft's new search engine - Microsoft
Official presentation of the Microsoft's new search engine.
Keywords: Microsoft; Searc; engine
Downloads: 60
[movies]Microsoft Conference - Microsoft
the e3 xbox conf.
Keywords: e3
Downloads: 81
[movies]XboxE3 - Microsoft
The E3 Microsoft Conference
Keywords: e3; e3 2006; xbox; xbox 360; halo; halo 2; halo 3
Downloads: 844
[image]my photo - microsoft
this is a test of new uploader
Keywords: photo test
Downloads: 13
[texts]Security Essential - Microsoft
Antivirus gratuito
Keywords: antivirus
Downloads: 5
[movies]Halo 3 Trailer - Microsoft
The Much anticipated trailer of Halo 3!
Keywords: Halo 3; GamersCast
Downloads: 1,486
[software]Windows 95 Complementos - Spanish - Microsoft
Microsoft Windows 95 Complemento - OEMSpanish1996P/N: 0796 - 000-37009 ES
Keywords: Microsoft; Windows; Complemento
Downloads: 8
[software]Scary Football - Microsoft
Scary Football (1987)(Microsoft)
Downloads: 6
[movies]Too Human - Microsoft
The trailer for too Human
Keywords: Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess; GamersCast; Nintendo; E3 2006; Wii
Downloads: 2,078
[software]Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 - Microsoft
This is a trial of Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006. This version also supports the MIX image file format, used by the discontinued Picture It! program. Originally located here. System Requirements: • Windows 2000, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows XP • Multimedia PC with Pentium 700 MHz or higher processor • 256 MB of RAM • 300 MB of available hard-disk space • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 software required • Super VGA monitor (800x600, 16-bit color or better) ...
Keywords: microsoft; image editor; archiveteam
Downloads: 20
[movies]Fable 2 - Microsoft
The trailer for Fable 2
Keywords: Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess; GamersCast; Nintendo; E3 2006; Wii
Downloads: 857
[texts]Microsoft Encarta 1999 - Microsoft
Microsoft Encarta 99 - OEMEncyclopedia - CDROM ImageTomorrow's Wary to Learn and Explore1998
Keywords: Microsoft; Encarta
Downloads: 36
[software]Allegiance Demo - Microsoft
Allegiance, the multiplayer space-combat game from the minds of Microsoft Research, combines the challenges of tactical squadron-based combat, intense one-on-one space dogfights, and amazing graphical and sound effects into a space-action experience like nothing you've seen before. All taking place on the MSN Gaming Zone, you can elect to get into the action immediately in death-match style arenas, or pledge Allegiance to one of the diverse Factions and join a squadron...
Keywords: Windows games; Vintage computer games; Simulation games
Downloads: 59
[movies]Windows ME Introduction Video - Microsoft
Windows ME Introduction Video found on Windows ME installation CDs.
Keywords: Windows; ME; Windows ME; Microsoft; CD
Downloads: 14
[software]Services for UNIX 3.5 (Microsoft) (2004) - Microsoft

Downloads: 16
[texts]Excel 2007 Advanced Part I - Microsoft
Excel Advance
Keywords: Excel
Downloads: 127
[movies]Windows NT 3.1 - Microsoft
Windows NT
Keywords: Windows; NT; Windows NT; Microsoft; 1993
Downloads: 46
[software]Win95 Game Sampler CD-ROM - Microsoft
Games included: Activision's Atari 2600 Action Packs 1, 2, & 3 by Activision Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing by Mindscape Command Aces of the Deep(Video demo) by Sierra On-Line Inc Arcade America by 7th Level Inc Battle Beast by 7th Level Inc Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity(Video Demo) by Viacom New Media Activision's Commodore 64 15 Pack by Activision The Daedalus Encounter(Video Demo) by Virgin Interactive & Mechadeus Dogz by Virgin Interactive Doom 95 by id Software Double Switch by Digi...
Keywords: Windows games
Downloads: 802
[software]Microsoft Game Developer's Handbook - Microsoft
"This is the Microsoft Game Developer's Handbook from GAMESUM.ZIP (which used to be found) in ftp.microsoft.com:/developer/drg/wing in Windows Write format."
Keywords: DOS extras; DOS related documents
Downloads: 36
[movies]Gears of War - Microsoft
The trailer for Gears of War
Keywords: Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess; GamersCast; Nintendo; E3 2006; Wii
Downloads: 1,086
[unknown]Hover Game - Microsoft
The Hover game from the FUNSTUFF folder in Windows 95 C CD.
Keywords: Hover; funstuff; windows 95; game
Downloads: 229
[software]Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection - Microsoft
"The trial version contains the first two levels of Finty Flush, five levels of Spring Weekend, and two levels of Rat Poker. There are also sneak previews of some of the higher levels. For the chance to play the complete version of these three brain-teasers as well as to match wits and skill with the other seven exciting puzzle games in the collection, purchase the retail version of Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection from your favorite software retailer this summer...
Keywords: Windows games; Vintage computer games; Puzzle games
Downloads: 321
[software]Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 - Microsoft
A pack-in CD distributed with an older model computer I had.Contains Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01.
Keywords: archiveteam; ie; internetexplorer
Downloads: 192
[texts]MS DOS 6.0 - Microsoft
a copy of M.S. DOS 6.0 I found at a thrift storethought it would make an interesting addition to the software collection
Keywords: operating system command line microsoft ms dos
Downloads: 215
[texts]Windows NT 3.1 SDK Programmer's Reference - Microsoft
All five volumes of the Programmer's Reference manual from the Windows NT 3.1 SDK comprising a total of 4,166 pages of information. Features information on Windows technologies and architecture, programming interfaces, data types, macros, structures, best practices, examples, and other useful tidbits.The contents of the volumes are:Volume 1 - Window Management and Graphics Device InterfaceRead Online, Postscript, PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Daisy, Full Text, DjVu Introduction Keyboard Accelerators Bitmap...
Keywords: NT; NT 3.1; New Technology; Win32; WinApi; Windows; Microsoft; SDK; Programming; Documentation; How-To; Examples; Win32 SDK; Software Development Kit; Windows; GDI; Architecture
Downloads: 25
[software]Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 - Microsoft
Feel the thrill of full-throttle flight. Revel in the freedom of soaring through the sky. Experience the white-knuckle intensity of a near-crash landing. With stunning photo-realistic scenery and authentic flight sounds, Microsoft Flight Simulator brings you and awesome flying adventure that's as real as it gets.
Keywords: Windows games; Vintage computer games; Simulation games
Downloads: 686
[software]Microsoft Encarta 99 - OEM - Microsoft
Microsoft Encarta 99 - OEMEncyclopedia - CDROM ImageTomorrow's Wary to Learn and Explore1998
Keywords: Vintage computer applications; educational; encyclopedia
Downloads: 85
[software]Microsoft Adventure (Microsoft) (1981) - Microsoft
Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as ADVENT, Colossal Cave, or Adventure)gave its name to the computer adventure game genre. It was originally designed by Will Crowther, a programmer and caving enthusiast who based the layout on part of the Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky. The version that is best known today was the result of a collaboration with Don Woods, a graduate student who discovered the game on a computer at Stanford University and made significant expansions and improvements, with Cr...
Keywords: DOS; Microsoft Adventure; Microsoft; Adventure
Downloads: 407,880 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[software]Pandora's Box Demo - Microsoft
"A box is opened. Pieces fly away. And seven mythical Tricksters escape to wreak havoc on the world. Welcome to Microsoft Pandora's Box, a puzzle-solving game that will take you literally to the ends of the earth. This visually stunning journey includes 350 of the most beautiful puzzles ever created. It's up to you to solve them, capture the Tricksters, and save the world from chaos. A puzzle game from the creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov...
Keywords: Windows games; Vintage computer games; Puzzle games
Downloads: 1,470 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[software]Links 2003 Demo - Microsoft
Tee it up on the world's great courses in an incredibly real golf experience. Link 2003 delivers a stunningly detailed and authentic golf experience so real, you'll swear you're strolling the fairways with club in hand.
Keywords: Windows games; Vintage computer games; Sports games
Downloads: 143
[software]Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 98 (Packard Bell version) - Microsoft
Microsoft Encarta was a digital multimedia encyclopedia published by Microsoft Corporation from 1993 to 2009. In 2008, the complete English version, Encarta Premium, consisted of more than 62,000 articles,[1] numerous photos and illustrations, music clips, videos, interactive contents, timelines, maps & atlas and homework tools. It was available on the World Wide Web by annual subscription or by purchase on DVD or multiple CDs...
Keywords: disc image; educational; software
Downloads: 135
[texts]MSAV virus list - Microsoft
List of 1,234 viruses detectable by Microsoft Anti-virus (MSAV), which was included in MS-DOS.
Keywords: msav; microsoft; antivirus; list
Downloads: 715
[software]Microsoft Return of Arcade Demo - Microsoft
Relive those carefree and exciting days when every quarter burned a hole in your pocket. Return of Arcade puts you in command of four hot arcade classics --- replicated exactly for the PC! Includes Dig Dug, Galaxian, Pac-Man, and Pole Position. Only Pac-Man is included in the demo.
Keywords: Windows games; Vintage computer games; Action games
Downloads: 259
[movies]MS-DOS 5.0.7z - Microsoft
Microsoft's MS-DOS 5.0 (3 1/2 floppies)
Keywords: msdos; 50
Downloads: 2,755 (1 review)
[texts]Winsock 2 Formal Specification - Microsoft
Formal specification documents for Windows Sockets 2. Includes information regarding the architecture of the socket system, its' protocols and operation. These documents were included with the NT 4 SDK dated 26/11/1996. Included is (links go to document contents below):API ReferenceSPI ReferenceProtocol Specific AnnexWindows Sockets 2 Application Programming Interface - An Interface for transparent network programming under Microsoft Windows...
Keywords: Windows Sockets 2.0; WinSock; WinSock2; Service Provider Interface; Application Programming Interface; Protocol Specific Annex; Standard; Specification; DECNet; IPX/SPX; OSI; ATM; SSL; Reference manual; TCP/IP
Downloads: 7
[texts]Windows NT3.1 DDK Documentation - Microsoft
The kernel side documentation from the June 1994 DDK. More than 1,000 pages of information regarding the design and architecture of the Windows NT 3.1 kernel and Win32 subsystem services, also info on how to write various types of drivers, function and structure definitions, how to debug and test drivers, and lots of other good stuff. Includes the Getting Started guide, Kernel Driver Design Guide, Network Drivers Guide, Programmers Guide, Win32 Subsystem Guide, Win32 Subsystem Driver Reference a...
Keywords: NT; Windows; Microsoft; Windows NT; NT3.1; Win32; Drivers; DDK; Documentation; Examples; How-To; Driver Development Kit; Architecture
[image]Microsoft's new search engine - Microsoft
Official presentation of the Microsoft's new search engine.
Keywords: Microsoft; Searc; engine
Downloads: 92
[image]Disc - Microsoft
A photo of a disc obtained from Microsoft Office online clipart library, available for downloading and uploading.
Keywords: Technology
Downloads: 52
[texts].net Setup.exe - microsoft
for .net framework 4.5. if not work or corrupt please leave comment into my mail address tattefry101@gmail.com for new link.Thanks
Keywords: framework .net framework 4.5 framework 4.5 latest offline installer
[texts]Windows Server 2008 R2 - Microsoft
Windows Server 2008 R2 Evaluation
Downloads: 109
[collection]Microsoft Research Audio - Microsoft
More than 1,100 brilliant scientists and engineers push the boundaries of computing in multiple research areas in 13 research labs around the world. Discover what we've delivered to Microsoft and to the world, such as contributions to Kinect for Xbox 360, work to develop an HIV vaccine, and advancing education techniques in rural communities.
Keywords: Microsoft; Research; Podcast
Downloads: 30
[audio]Microsoft Research Audio 103610: A Component Language for Structured Concurrent Programming - Microsoft Research
In this talk, I present a new programming language designed for structured concurrency. The language is based on components which are organized in hierarchical and “pointer-free” structures. The components run concurrently and only interact via communication. With this model, hierarchical encapsulation, statefull interactions, race-free concurrency, flexible polymorphism and a simple memory management is enabled...
Keywords: Microsoft Research; Microsoft Research Audio MP3 Archive; Wolfram Schulte; Luc Blaser
Downloads: 1
[movies]Microsoft Research Video 103984: Engineering Performance Using Control Theory: A One Day How-To: Control Analysis & Real world applications (Various publications) - Microsoft Research
1:00-2:00 - Control Analysis.Basic controllers, precompensation, filters.Structured as a design exercise.2:00-2:45 - Real world applications (Various publications).DB2 Utilities throttling and self-tuning memory management.©2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Microsoft Research; Microsoft Research Video Archive; Jim Larus; Joe Hellerstein
Downloads: 5
[audio]Microsoft Research Audio 103733: Candidate Talk: Streamroller: A Unified Compilation and Synthesis System for Streaming Applications - Microsoft Research
Multicore systems have become the industry standard from high-end servers, down through desktops and gaming platforms, and finally into handheld devices. While the industry is still scrambling to find the right model to program these systems, compiler techniques for exploiting coarse grain parallelism have noticeably lagged behind. Stream programming is one model that has wide applicability in the multimedia, graphics, and signal processing domains...
Keywords: Microsoft Research; Microsoft Research Audio MP3 Archive; Jim Larus; Manjunath Kudlur
Downloads: 2
[audio]Microsoft Research Audio 103833: Parallel Monotonicity Reconstruction - Microsoft Research
Data sets usually have some structural property that make them useful. An array of points may be sorted, a set of points may be in convex position, a graph may be a tree, etc. These properties are very sensitive to noise, and even a small perturbation of the input would destroy the useful structural property. We investigate the problem of 'monotonicity reconstruction' in a parallel setting. We have oracle access to a function f defined on the finite domain [n]d...
Keywords: Microsoft Research; Microsoft Research Audio MP3 Archive; Satyen Kale; C. Seshadhr
Downloads: 1
[audio]Microsoft Research Audio 103719: Virtual Earth Summit - Integrating Online Maps with Aerial Imagery; Semantic Enrichment of Street Side Imagery - Microsoft Research

Keywords: Microsoft Research; Microsoft Research Audio MP3 Archive; Craig Knoblock; Horst Bischof
Downloads: 1
[audio]Microsoft Research Audio 104454: Efficient Actions in Dynamic Auction Environment - Microsoft Research
We model an environment, where bidders private values may change over time as a result of both costly private actions and exogenous shocks. Examples of private actions include investment and entry decisions; shocks might be due to exogenous changes in a potential buyer's circumstances. We describe an efficient auction mechanism that maximizes the final value of the object to the winning bidder net of the total cost of investment by all agents...
Keywords: Microsoft Research; Microsoft Research Audio MP3 Archive; Chris Meek; Michael Schwarz
[audio]Microsoft Research Audio 103645: On Evaluating Language Technologies - Microsoft Research
The Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) is an on-going series of evaluation workshops that has standardized and validated the use of test collections as a research tool for improving document retrieval. A retrieval test collection is a carefully calibrated abstraction of a retrieval task that Sparck Jones called the ”core competency” of search: a task that is necessary, but not sufficient, for user retrieval tasks...
Keywords: Microsoft Research; Microsoft Research Audio MP3 Archive; Bill Dolan; Ellen Voorhees
Downloads: 1
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